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Un set que incluye piezas y accesorios para el juego creativo y gran cantidad de modelos.


Magformers S.T.E.A.M Basic Set comes with magnetic pieces and various accessories. While playing with the moving Power Block, children can take a step closer to becoming well rounded.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 28
Square X 30
Isosceles Triangle X 8
Rectangle X 6
Pentagon X 2
Hexagon X 2
Diamond X 4
Trapezoid X 4
Arch X 4
Sector X 8
Corn X 4
Sphere X 8
Half Arch X 4
Semicircle X 8
Right Isosceles Triangle X 4
Mini Rectangle X 8
Mini Sector X 8
Super Triangle X 4
New Super Square X 6
Super Rectangle X 2
Super Arch X 4
Super Sector X 8

Basic Accessories

Insert Square X 10
Click Wheel(Mix) X 4
Mirror Piece X 6
Mirror Card X 2
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
Power Sound Block X 1
Battery Pack X 1
LED Sphere X 1
Engine Block X 1
Walking Block X 1
90 Female Connector X 2
Auto Connector X 2
Figure X 1
Space Back Pack X 1